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It’s a well known practice for businesses to branch out into developing a subcompany in order to offer a wider range of products. As the name suggests, SilentiumPC is highly acknowledged in the cooling department. Enter SPC Gear, their sub-brand that will handle gaming accessories, peripherals and even chairs.

Meet the SR600 BK, a highly comfortable sexy all-black bucket-seat style gaming chair that is covered in eco-leather upholstery.

SilentiumPC was established in 2007, Warsaw, Poland. They build high-quality silent PC cases, power supplies and cooling solutions that simply get the job done without breaking the bank. They accomplish this by the old-school belief that good products are the key to success. No aggressive marketing, no flashy banners everywhere, no mighty slogans. Instead they’re putting efforts in effective design and smart cost-cutting so the customers get the pure essence of functionality at unbeatable prices.


Prices and Availability


It should retail for around £219 / €250 depending on currency conversion. So far no word yet on availability in the UK.

*25.01.2022 Update – Check the video review as well!*


Presentation and Specification


*Courtesy of their website.

The SPC Gear SR600 BK is a durable and comfortable chair with a bucket seat in classic black. Everyday comfort is ensured by high-quality PU leather upholstery as well as an exceptionally wide range of back, seat and 4D armrest adjustments. These allow the SR600 BK the flexibility to adapt to the user’s current needs, both during intensive online gaming and for an evening of relaxation.


Unboxing, Visual Inspection and Assembly


As you would expect, this will be a heavy unit (around 30 kilograms including the extra outer protective box) so make sure you are ready for it. There is minimal but effective branding on the main box.

Inside, everything is neatly organised and individually wrapped in either foam, padding or plastic.

Here are all the parts that will make the SR600 BK gaming chair.

The instruction manual is just one sheet of paper because as you will see this is an easy job to fully assemble the chair.

Regarding the bolts and screws, all of them are of different lengths and sizes so you can’t get it wrong plus they are marked in the installation process as well. You even get extra ones as a backup, which are in the lower right wrapping.

First step is to install the 5 wheels in the base bracket; they just pop in.

Next onto the same bracket slide in the main gas lift piston followed by 5-point bracket and the outer dust shells.

Attach the backrest to the lower part and then start to bolt them down on either side.

This is how the 90 to 170 degrees tilt mechanism looks like. That’s what we like to see, a lot of metal.

Finish this step by attaching the plastic covers and the small plastic caps.

Here is a small assembly trick to attach the lower multilock mechanism. Place the SR600 like this, resting its upper part on any other chair (or even the wall but make sure you don’t scratch the leather) to give you the optimal access angle.

The multilock assembly bolts directly to the inner metal frame.

Next up are the armchairs that slot in perfectly.

Unite the wheeled base to the bracket and we are almost done.

Last step is to attach the two included cushions, the big one is for lumbar support and the top small one is for cervical aid. Both use elastic straps and clip-on points.


Testing and Feedback


Here is the finished result, and boy oh boy, now that’s one good looking gaming chair!

In this all black variant it should fit around any setup. In my case, everything is black, so the SR600 BK feels right at home.

Now let’s zoom in onto the eco-leather upholstery. It has a very interesting texture, pattern and smell to it. You will neve slide off the chair since it’s very abrasive as in grabby. The craftsmanship is spot on, as you can see from the stitching alone.

Again, minimal but elegant placed SPC Gear branding on the neck pillow and on the top side. They offer even a guide in how to take perfect care of the eco-leather which you can find here. Basically avoid alcohol or solvent based products and direct sunlight until the leather is dry.

Another point that emphasis the attention to details: all of the stitching, metal frame and leather work are all covered, even though this is an area that you will never see again.

Controls. The nylon wheels have really smooth bearings so it’s really easy to move around but tight enough to not slide the whole chair when you want to just tilt it.

It features common known controls, thus on the right side you have the tilt handle, which will give you up to 170 degrees of reach.

Underneath, the middle big knob tightens or loosens the spring for the tilt mechanism. Then the right paddle is for the gas lift piston (up to 160mm) while the left one locks the chair into place.

Now the armrests posses a high level of ergonomics and flexibility, since they can be adjusted in a variety of ways; hence their ‘4D’ designation. Thus you slide them up and down (~6cm), back and forth and even swivel them (to a certain degree). The only small complain is that they will rattle when you adjust them since they are made of plastic. Alas, the top part is comfortable to rest your arms since it uses a soft padding material.

It’s rated up to 120 kg with a recommended user’s height of up to 195 cm. All in all, the chair is incredibly comfortable and more importantly it will offer you a perfect posture. I will let this clip speak for itself that contains also a quick demo of its controls.

Any activity, from writing this review on it in one go, to gaming, it’s just a joy to use.




There are some must have items that you should only buy once, but buy it right. The SPC SR600 BK is one of them especially when taking into consideration how important a correct posture in direct correlation in protecting your spine and neck. The armchair is extremely comfortable thanks to its ample padding and thus offers a stable and flexible platform for you to enjoy any task at your desk.

The good:

+ Superb build quality and workmanship
+ Extremely comfortable
+ Sexy design
+ Unique eco-leather pattern/texture
+ High level of flexibility
+ Easy to build even on your own
+ Lumbar and cervical cushions included

The bad:

– The armrests might rattle
– Low availability (for now)
– A lot of competition in this price segment

Glob3trotters “Editor’s Choice” Award – 5 out of 5


Many thanks to SilentiumPC for supplying us with this throne!

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