Neo Forza – The choice of finalists at NewEgg’s PC Builder Event

Narrowing down from over 50 contestants to 5 finalists, NewEgg’s PC Builder event culminated in the finals held at the bustling Syntrend electronics mall in Taipei on 22nd April 2023. The finalists were given one hour to fully assemble an operable PC, with PC components selected by them.

The extensive component selection list consists PSUs, GPUs, DRAMs, SSDs, Chassis, CPU-Coolers, Mainboards of many different brands. One of the prizes for meeting the 1-hour deadline was the contestant’s own-select in-situ PC-build.

3 finalists chose Neo Forza’s TRINITY 7200MHz DDR5 memory, and all 5 contestants chose Neo Forza’s NFP455 2TB SSD. Due to event rules that Neo Forza can only provide up to 4 pieces per category, the fifth contestant chose an equivalent. The quickest pro-builder took 37 minutes to complete the assembly and bootup, whilst the slowest 2 finalists took just under-the-clock at 1 hour to complete, much to the concern of the audience especially during the last dying minutes to the hour.

Suffice to say all 5 made it with each of them quoting along the lines of never-knew it was that STRESSFUL (hands trembling) to assembling “a simple PC” under peer-pressure, reputation-pressure and time-pressure in the presence of panelists, audience and spectators. The event was broadcast live to passerby-spectators outside the mall too.

We were humbly overwhelmed as the event, inadvertently, showed Neo Forza as a preferred choice by experienced pro-users for DRAM and SSD in PC builds suitable for gaming, content-creation, streaming and 3D rendering. We like to thank our supporters, partners, customers, and the global component-technology media for the advice and suggestions to further improving our products.

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