Today we are going to have a look at a lens filter kit that possess a highly practical hot-swap capability via magnets. Presenting the K&F Concept 4-in-1 kit which comes with 3 main filters and one adapter ring. We were already presently surprised by their excellent variable ND filter so let’s see this new kit in action!

Their logo is “For better Photography” and was founded in 2011, aiming to be a one-stop refined photographic solution provider. They specialize in design, research, manufacturing, and marketing of photographic accessories. They are committed to creating professional and innovative products backed by friendly, responsive service to delight their distinguished customers around the world.


Prices and Availability


Since Black Friday is around the corner, it has a massive 50% discount on their website thus you can get it for $104.99. You can have them from 49mm all the way to 95mm lens so make sure to have a look.


Presentation, Specification and Visual Inspection



• Install and remove the filter quickly , install the magnetic filter in one second!
• Equipped with a magnetic MCUV filter, which can be used as a protective lens and can also be stacked other filters. It is also equipped with a magnetic attachment ring, and other filters can be stacked when MCUV is not required.
• German imported glass material, with 16 layers of coating, with high-definition, waterproof, scratch-resistant, anti-reflection functions. The edge of the frame adopts CNC bump non-slip design, which is more helpful for customers to install and remove the filter.
• Extremely thin and light. Simultaneous use of MCUV+CPL+ND1000, the 16mm wide-angle lens will not produce vignetting.
• Includes magnetic MCUV, CPL & ND1000 Neutral Density Filters & magnetic attachment ring & 4-piece storage bag.

It comes shipped in their highly recognizable orange and black colour combo with excellent branding.

The provided pouch is of high quality fabric and it’s also water resistant, a protection that is reconfirmed by the zipper as well.

It even features a Velcro strap and a D-ring if you want to attach it to your belt or backpack etc.

The filters are divided into individual zones with extra padding on each side for further impact protection.

Not only they are separated inside but also individually wrapped in a plastic bag that will keep away any unwanted dust.

Going one by one, we have the main adapter magnetic ring. Everything starts with this ring since to it you will attach the others. One ring to rule them all then…

The second one is an UV filter which can be used also in combination with the other rings. Oh yes, you can stack all of them in some cool combinations.

The 3rd one is a CPL filter as in a circular polarizer/linear that it’s meant to reduce glare from reflected surfaces.

The last one is an ND1000 filter aka a 10 stop neutral density filter. This will ensure a long exposure which can result in some great artistic shots. Being a 10 stop, it will allow us to reduce the shutter speed to the 1-20 second range depending on the size of the aperture we can want for that shot.

The adapter rings threads in really easy thanks to its excellent CNC machining and anti-slip outer pattern.

Then attach your desired filter and you can stack even all of them together! The magnets are really strong and even if you jolt the camera they will not fall off.


Testing and Feedback


Now here is the pack in action on the Nikon D7000 DSLR camera with the Nikkor AF-S DX 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR lens.

This is how it will look with no manual adjustments and this we will consider our sharpness test as well in the following order: UV-CPL-ND1000. So you can see the fine details are all preserved, thus there is no image distortion.

So let’s start with the UV filter which will reduce some of the lens flare as seen here.

The next one is the CPL filter that overall it increases the saturation and contrast to your images and it will also reduce the reflections caused by sunlight when taking pictures of landscapes with water.

Lastly the ND1000 filter which will give you those epic “freezing time” / silky smooth effects, especially to moving waters. If you set your camera right and with some experimentation, you should get something like this, because a 10 stop filter will let you stop the light by 10 halves in a row. Mind you you have to do it sequentially since in a long exposure shot, it’s only the shutter speed you want to be changing.




The K&F Concept 4 in 1 lens filter kit is an excellent overall bundle to have for any DSLR user especially thanks to its practical magnetic system. The supplied pouch is great and will provide sufficient protection for the filters. Nothing to worry about losing the filters since the magnets are quite strong for something this thin and precise. Regarding the choice for the actual filters inside this pouch, it should satisfy most users that are after those ‘famous’ photography effects: like the silky smooth/time freeze provided with the ND1000 filter while the UV filter can even be used as your first layer of protection for your lens; lastly the CPL will save you quickly from the unwanted reflection in a water from the sun for example.

The good:

+ Magnetic nature for quick swapping
+ Excellent choice of the actual filters bundled
+ Great carrying case
+ Can even be stacked
+ High quality glass
+ CNC machined frames
+ Easy to clean

The bad:

– For some will seem a bit obsolete if you like the all-in-one nature of a variable filter

Glob3trotters “Highly Recommend” Award – 5 out of 5


Many thanks to K&F Concept for supplying us with this kit!

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