They are back with a new product which promises to upgrade your couch or bed to a modular and easy to use desk, this time optimized for laptops and tablets. We covered its big brother as well a while back. This is a cool solution when you don’t want to sit at your desk and just want to have a change of scenery from your office or just enjoy a gaming session in a comfortable position.


First, about nerdytec


Founded in 2011, the company offers what it claims is the most comfortable PC gaming solution on your couch. Their inventory also include optimized version available for laptops and wireless peripherals.


Price and Availability


They are widely available from either their main website or from Amazon for $119 / £99 / €119. For extra perspective, here we have the CYCON variant which is bigger overall and of course a bit more expensive.

*21/03/2020 – The video review is live as well !*


Presentation and Specifications


*Courtesy of their website*

The Premium Lap Desk for Notebooks

The new Couchmaster CYBOT is a game-changer for all notebook users. Thanks to its special ventilation grille, it ensures optimal cooling of your gaming notebook (up to 17 inches).

Maximum comfort and stable hold

Supportive wrist pads offer superior comfort and the military pixel side cushions provide a stable hold. Parts of the cushions are also equipped with genuine Kevlar, providing elite-level protection on even the most challenging maps.

An intelligently designed accessory

Side bags for power supply, remotes and accessories, a repositionable mouse pocket, and a tablet holder complete the user experience. Whether you’re settling in for a serious gaming session or catching up on work, the Couchmaster CYBOT offers the ultimate in comfort and control.

Comfortable gaming or relaxed work – the Couchmaster® CYBOT makes it possible

Just sit back and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience at 슬롯 사이트 or relaxed work from the couch or bed.

It’s not just smart – it‘s also environmentally sound

The CYBOT is made from sustainable materials. Crafted from ethically sourced, fast-growing bamboo, the CYBOT is both light and durable.


Packaging and Visual inspection


It comes in a standard but branded box with the company name and model on each side.

Everything is well packed inside, with the top table being at the bottom.

It only takes 3 main pieces to assemble this. You have your two side cushions with the table on top. Then you get some nice accessories like a multipurpose Velcro bag, a mouse pad that you can also stick to the table and an adapter for very slim tablets so they don’t fall from the holder.

Both cushions have this digital military camo design which is very cool.

One of the them has two side pockets which are very handy to have.

The included mouse pad is on the larger size so you have plenty of real estate to enjoy.

You also have the option to stick it to your working surface.

The detachable pouch is branded and has a popper to close it. On the back there is the Velcro strap which has 3M sticky tape so you can place it wherever you desire.

Moving onto the top surface/custom table top which is made out of sustainable bamboo. On the left side you will notice a big layered cut-out which facilitates extra cooling for your laptop (up to 17″ in size). Then on the top right side we have a groove where you can put your tablet. Then we have two wrist pads covered in the same material to match the cushions.

There is a sticker with nerdytec’s logo on the top left corner.

Let’s get comfy !


Testing and Impressions


It’s dead easy to install everything. Place the table top onto the two side cushions and you are good to go.

So with everything arranged, these are the overall dimensions. What this means is that there is plenty of room for someone tall, myself, I am 1.87m (6.2″) in height and had no problems resting comfortably. Also I asked for the help of my fiancee to have a go, herself being 5.2″ (1.57m) and felt right at home.

At first, you may think is this thing stable since there is no way of securing the parts together. But, there is no need for that since the foam is hard enough to offer an ample amount of stability to secure the table top.

All of the materials are good and nothing is left to chance, meaning everything is nice to the touch, no hard corners or unfinished materials sticking out to scratch you.

The mouse pad is very smooth and a joy to use. The groove for the tablet has enough depth to orientate the device in portrait or even landscape mode. Also the included bamboo-made bracket is welcomed when you have an extra thin tablet.

The side pockets are very handy since you can store cables, even your mouse or any other accessory that will fit. I even put a 500ml energy drink and it held it perfectly.

Then the table has enough surface to use and thus will not make you feel clogged with gadgets if you desire to use a tablet and a laptop at the same time. Also the ventilation cut-outs are big and will provide all the airflow you need for almost any laptop.

Most importantly I found the CYBOT very comfortable, since it helps with the correct posture while you type or game on it. I used it to do the whole typing session to finish the review for the CYBOT and have no complaints. I was relaxed and just enjoyed being on it since it has such a natural position for my arms and overall posture. Had no worries that everything will fall and if you have to take a break and eject, just lift the table and everything will stay in place on it.

Now my fiancee has commandeered it and now it resides in the living room on the couch, as her battle station. So the review ends here. 🙂




The nerdytec Couchmaster CYBOT is such a fun and cool product because it is very handy to install and use. It may not fully replace a conventional desk but it does exactly what it was designed to do – to upgrade your couch or even your bed to a working surface for typing and gaming without affecting your posture or being way to over complicated. It is versatile, ergonomic, made from nice materials, has storage options and it’s easy to assemble and to take apart. Above all, it is comfortable and a joy to use.

The Good:

+ Highly comfortable
+ Encourages you to adopt correct posture
+ Plenty of pockets for storage
+ Enough working surface for 17″ laptop and a tablet
+ Big cooling cut-outs for the laptop side
+ Included extra large mouse pad

The Bad:

– Maybe offer more outside patterns besides the digi-camo


Glob3trotters “Must Have!” Award – 4.5 out of 5



A lot of thanks to nerdytec for supplying us with this new level of comfy-ness !


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