Cherry is expanding their range with yet another great keyboard and wireless mouse combo. This time both products are a tier higher in quality that our previous review. This time around we have the famous MX Cherry switches for the keyboard with even an non-RGB illuminated background. Then as for the mouse, as we will soon see that it has a great balance of design, quality and features.


CHERRY, with its headquarters in Auerbach in der Oberpfalz, Germany, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of computer input devices with an emphasis on office, industrial and security markets, as well as switches for mechanical keyboards among others for PC gaming.


Prices and Availability


The MX Board 1.0 keyboard comes in two main variations for the switches – Red or Brown. We have the brown today to test. For now just has them in stock.


The wireless mouse WM 8 Advanced is a standalone option.


Presentation and Specification


Let’s start the presentation with the keyboard.

They market this as “The ideal keyboard for avid writers complete with MX switches and palm rest”

The CHERRY MX BOARD 1.0 BACKLIGHT – fast, precise, proven CHERRY quality. Durable CHERRY MX switches with consistent linear or tactile operating feel and the support of the palm rest provide comfort and ergonomics when working. High-speed key recognition accurately captures every keystroke, even with fast typing. Sturdy mounting feet enable a perfect adjustment in 3 steps with a non-slip grip. The adjustable, white key illumination means the keys can be read clearly even in challenging visibility conditions. All inputs are reliably and precisely executed, and input errors are prevented thanks to anti-ghosting and full n-key rollover. Frequent number inputs can be performed easily via the numeric keypad; the switchable Win key lockout enables the keyboard to be used for pleasure on the computer after work as well. The CHERRY MX BOARD 1.0 BACKLIGHT – the high-performance keyboard for people who type quickly or write a lot.

Spec-wise we have:

* SKU : G80-3816
* Warranty: 2 years
* Keyboard Key technology: MX Brown Or Red
* Service life, standard key: > 50 million key operations
* Inscription technology: Laser
* Number of keys: 104/105
* Number of additional keys: 4
* Packaging dimensions approx. 520 x 200 x 48 mm
* Dimensions (product) Keyboard: ca. 470 x 165 x 25 mm (w/o palm rest), ca. 470 x 260 x 25 mm (with palm rest)
* Cable length ca. 1,80 m
* Total weight (with packaging) approx. 1510 g
* Weight (product) approx. 1165 g
* Colour: Black


Now let’s have a look at the wireless mouse:

Ingenious wireless mouse with innovative features for users with sophisticated demands.

The CHERRY MW 8 ADVANCED mouse combines fine materials, timeless design and the very latest technology to form a top-class input device. The first time the user touches the device, it becomes clear that this mouse stands out from the pack and is aimed at a user with sophisticated requirements. The anodized aluminum surface, rubber side parts, and the compact design mean that it fits snugly in the user’s hand.

The highly precise sensor with a laser LED allows the mouse to be used on nearly every surface, including glass tables. The resolution can be set in four stages at the touch of a button: 600, 1,000, 1,600 or 3,200 dpi. This means the mouse is ready for use with high-resolution 4k monitors.

The installed rechargeable lithium battery can be simply charged with the supplied USB cable – even while you work. The generous capacity of 550 mAh means that one charge suffices for several weeks of uninterrupted productivity.

A two-color status LED provides the user with information on the battery status, the charging status, the selected resolution or the connection status at all times.

Unlike other conventional mice, the CHERRY MW 8 ADVANCED can be connected either with the supplied 2.4 GHz wireless USB receiver or via Bluetooth®. You can switch connection types quickly using a switch on the base of the mouse. This allows, for example, a laptop to be connected via Bluetooth® and a PC to be connected via a regular wireless connection and both to be operated with the same mouse. Simply press the switch to switch between the two devices.

In addition, the CHERRY MW 8 ADVANCED has a number of other impressive features and subtle details. A highly durable mouse wheel with optical scanning, a magnetic latch for the USB receiver as well as a transport pouch. The attention to detail of this mouse leaves nothing to be desired, and it is equally suitable for mobile and stationary applications.

What I find very interesting is how versatile the mouse can be in regards with connectivity – either by Bluetooth or via the magnetic integrated USB receiver.


Packaging and Visual inspection



The keyboard comes in a minimalist design with an all black box while for the mouse, an all white background is present. Also the MW 8 is visually depicted on the front. You can see the MX Board 1.0 on the back side of its box.


The back of the MW 8’s box goes briefly over the main specs and highlights.


We noticed some very interesting visual ques for the chrome elements on the box which also reflect how the mouse is in real life. They are not that obvious on camera thought.


Now for contents. The keyboard comes with a detachable wrist plate, manual and two extra rubber pads.


Then the mouse has an USB charging cable, an booklet and a very nice cloth Cherry branded pouch. Really useful to protect the mouse when traveling for example.


Let’s further analyse the mouse. Well, after reading the features, the mouse delivers on the quality front. It has a a very nice combination of materials and a solid overall build quality is present. You get a nice feel while gripping it, with the brushed aluminium top buttons, chromed sides and also due to the fact that it has a built in battery which gives it a solid sense of proper weight ballance. On top you have the metal scroll wheel and on the left side a back and forward button. The Cherry logo is also visible on the top and the mouse has a symmetrical design for ambidextrous usage.


You charge it from the front via the included micro-USB cable. The quoted standby operation life is at 70 hours which sounds pretty good for a 550 mAh battery.


The mouse weighs 92 grams alone and the USB receiver adds an extra 3 grams if left inside. One excellent design feature is the fact that the USB receiver stays into the mouse with a magnet ! Very elegant. From the back is where you also control the mouse with a sliding button for OFF / RF (USB receiver) and BT (Bluetooth).


Regarding connections, the mouse operates wireless using 2.4 GHz frequency with AES-128 encryption (via USB receiver) or Bluetooth 4.0 compatible devices. The transmission range is up to 10 meters for both variants. The optical sensor caries a long name PixArt PAW3805EK-CJMU and apparently will work even on glass surfaces.


When you select the USB receiver a red light will show to confirm this or a blue one for, of course, Bluetooth. Lastly, the same light is a button which will select the DPI levels from a number of 4, raging from 600, 1000, 1600 and 3200.



Here is the MW 8 next to a gaming mouse as for a size reference.


Now it’s the keyboard’s turn. Well, we have 105 keys with an additional 4.


The font used for the laser engraved keys is very cool and futuristic.


Now to a very important part. The switches – the famous MX Cherries. As mentioned this keyboard comes in either RED or BROWN switches. Ours has the brown ones. Next to the switch we see an LED which we will test later. The keyboard features full n-key rollover meaning all keys are read simultaneously and anti-ghosting, as in no input errors will occur.


To give a perspective of the tactile nature and feel of the key strokes, let’s have a look at this chart. The high the number for cN the more force is required to press the keys to register. Reds have always been for ‘gaming’ to be faster and more responsive while blues for example have excellent “clicky” feedback for typing. Browns are a middle ground between the two. We will conclude the feedback on typing in your final chapter.


Now flipping the keyboard, we see that it comes with its own feet risers also with rubber pads on them. While not in use, on top of them is where you attach the extra wider rubber pads in conjecture with the wrist plate for example.



The pad locks in with the beyboard via two clips to offer increased ergonomics and extra comfort for typing.


Also the keyboard has dimmable white key illumination and it’s pretty vivid on the full brightness setting. It can also be turned off.


Another element of great attention to details come from the illuminated Cherry logo on the USB plug.



Overall, both products so far look and feel really good to interact with.



Testing, impressions and feedback


As usual, with peripherals, they are used in the process of writing the actual review about them besides the regular tests.


The keyboard.

The build construction is really good with lovely attention to subtle details. The typing experience is excellent as well for the ergonomics even without the extra plate. The buttons are perfectly delimited and placed so no problems of reach or miss-typing. As you would expect from any keyboard with MC Cherry switches. The browns, personally are exactly a good compromise between reds and blues. Myself, I regularly use the blues since I like the “kick” from the extra press but this all comes down to personal preference.

Being a more “office” orientated where it excels at loads of typing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you it will not enjoy gaming on it. The fact that you can have in red switches proves just that. The experience of the WASD and arrows after a FIFA19 match, made me forget all about any RGB over the top gaming keyboard even with the brown switches. It just plain works !


The wireless mouse.

I can’t fault it besides being a little too small for my hand but again that is just personal preference. It has great build quality, excellent feeling when using it, all wrapped in a minimalist design that just plain works. The functionality is there – I can’t live without the side backwards and forward buttons for example. Also the attention to details is once again present, like different LED colors from one connection type to another. The magnetic retention system is another great example. I tried to make it come out with some knocks, but I think only if you throw the mouse at the wall it will snap out – but under regular usage, not a problem at all.

The DPI range is plenty for most tasks even high resolution monitors and I witnessed no lag or signal interruptions of any kind. Casual gaming even FPS fast paced games were not an issue as well. Battery life, this time will tell since it still is on its first charge and still going. Being built-in simplifies things without the need of any batteries. Overall I love this little thing !


Conclusion – Cherry MX Board 1.0 Keyboard


The Good:

+ Excellent all-arounder product
+ Great build quality
+ Dimmable illumination
+ Minimalist design
+ Modular wrist pad
+ Multi adjustable height
+ Of course, the famous MX Cherry switches
+ Wonderful typing experience

The Bad:

– Plain design but this is an office orientated keyboard so it must have a standard breath to it
– Expensive but quality always costs and that it has plenty – still is far better than most mechanical keyboards


Glob3trotters “All-arounder” Award 4.5 out of 5



Conclusion – Cherry MW 8 Advanced


The Good:

+ Perfect balance of quality, functionality and design
+ Built-in rechargeable power source
+ Perfect travel companion for laptops for example
+ Dual connection options – Bluetooth or USB receiver with individual notification light colors
+ Excellent signal reception via both methods
+ Magnetic retaining system for the USB receiver

The Bad:

– A little on the smaller physical side for perfect grip but this is not one size fits all or a modular mouse.


Glob3trotters “Must Have” Award 5 out of 5



A lot of thanks to CHERRY for supplying us with another great combo !


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