COUCHMASTER Cycon – The ultimate Couch-Gaming solution !

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Not long ago, offices were still the traditional domain of PCs. But times have changed, and computers have moved into living rooms, where they are in direct competition with the mainstream gaming consoles. This development has some drawbacks for ergonomics and comfort, however: sitting with poor posture for a prolonged gaming sessions can quickly lead to back and neck pain.

This is where the nerdytec COUCHMASTER® comes in! The two guys behind nerdytec devoted three whole years to developing their product and helping gamers indulge their hobby comfortably and without fatigue on the sofa.
With the COUCHMASTER® Cycon, you can use your computer easily from the comfort of your sofa and bed – work or play games with maximum convenience. Unlike its many competing products, the COUCHMASTER® Cycon is more than just a support panel for your peripheral equipment: it also features two lateral cushions on which the panel rests freely. This patented system improves stability and allows you to adapt your seating individually.
Its additional armrests increase your seating comfort considerably while improving your posture and relaxing your muscles. This ensures optimum comfort even during prolonged gaming sessions. Practical side pockets give you extra storage space for all the gaming accessories you need on a daily basis.


Even in its technical structure, the COUCHMASTER® Cycon is geared towards maximum comfort: a sophisticated cable management system makes obstructive, messy cables a thing of the past. Simply store your cables inside the support panel and guide them through the cable ducts. An integrated USB 3.0 hub offers four ports for your mouse, keyboard and other peripheral equipment; three of the ports are on the inside of the panel, another on the outside.
The supplied active, five-metre USB 3.0 extension cord (expandable to 10m) allows you to plug the COUCHMASTER® Cycon into your computer comfortably via plug&play in order to operate the USB 3.0 hub without an external power source. Alternatively, you can purchase an additional mains adaptor for active operation.


High-grade materials and the best possible processing standards are a matter of course for nerdytec, and the COUCHMASTER® Cycon boasts supreme quality. Its exclusive leather design and the pleasantly soft, low-maintenance surface materials make the system an extraordinary visual and haptic experience for discerning gamers. The genuine-leather palm rests integrated in the support panel ensure that your hands are in a natural position at all times.
Many handy gadgets are available for upgrading the COUCHMASTER® Cycon, including mobile phone or tablet mounts and an ashtray.




– Pleasant materials and quality workmanship ensure maximum comfort
– Sophisticated cable management for comfortable, straight-forward working and gaming
– Lag-free connections thanks to the new USB 3.0 hub with four ports
– Freely positionable case for your mouse, remote control or similar equipment
– Suitable for gamers of any height
– Suitable for right-handed and left-handed gamers alike
– No additional power source required for devices of up to 900 mA

Product Details

– Cushion dimensions: 60x23x19 cm
– Support panel dimensions: 84x35x4 cm
– Maximal inner distance of the cushions: 75 cm
– Materials: leather look, microfiber
– Colours: black, dark gray, red and white
– Number of USB 3.0 interfaces: 4 (3x inside, 1x on the outside of the panel)
– Package contents: support panel, two lateral cushions, mouse case, active USB 3.0 cable (5m), installation manual,
– Velcro fasteners for peripheral equipment

The COUCHMASTER® Cycon is available and can be ordered from:

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