Myself i have used and worn out countless standard USB cables for my gadgets. Not that i enter Hulk mode or don’t take care of my possessions, but use an object (especially made of plastic) every day and it will eventually break. Thus WSKEN promises the best solution on the market for a more durable cable. But with also even more upgrades. Let’s see.

About WSKEN:


WSKEN is global registered trademark. WSKEN has been committed to develop the high-end accessories, magnetic cable and MFI certified cable with unique prospective and innovative design.

The idea of young, passion, fashion and happiness makes their brand popular among the young generation, professionals and consumers worldwide. WSKEN products also provide a concept of savoring life and fashion.


Price when reviewed:

~ £ 9.99 – via

DIGI4U® WSKEN X-cable Metal Magnetic Cable Mini 2 Micro USB for Samsung Sony HTC Blackberry PlayStation

~ $ 14.98 – via

Wsken Mini2 Micro USB Cable Magnetic LED Display USB Sync and Fast Charger Cable for Android (Silver)

Please enjoy our first review ever on YouTube!




*Courtesy of their website.


Let’s start with the specs. We see that it only weights 69 grams, has 1 meter in length, comes in a silver color option and that it is made from a PC/ABS fiberproof insulation shell.


Next we find out that it has gold-plated interface, which helps the transfer being more efficient and alos more durable. Not to mention gold is an antioxidant so thus even longer life.


They state that the magnet it is very strong, so no accidental interruption when charging.


Also the magnet it is “idiot-proof”- only goes in one way.


Top notch build quality – aerospace aluminium which gives excellent strength and anti corrosive protection.


Supports USB 2.0 data protocol and speeds.


Doesn’t tangle or becomes the Gordian knot that easily.


And as a final touch it has a notification LED when charging.


Packaging, content & visual inspection


The product come in a simple recyclable box. Ont he front, left top corner, we have the brand name and their logo “Pursue Forever”. And a white sticker with a sketch of the magnetic plug, cable and a generic (smart)phone.


Zooming in, we see a really nice touch – the gold pins are illustrated. We love these attention to details.


The sticker continues on the side where we have a security seal – scratch the band and it will show it’s unique serial number thus confirmation of an original product. Also a product QR code and a quick handling tip.


On the back we have the country of manufacture, the value regarding the length (1M) and various serial and product codes.


Inside we have:

– 1x WSKEN Mini 2 Magnetic Charging Cable w/ Micro USB magnetic plug
– 1x WSKEN cusotm green Velcro securing strap
– 1x Extractor tool for the microUSB plug



The superb nylon closely woven pattern cable sleeve.


Then the standard USB plug. Very sturdy build and with the “Designed by WSKEN” engraving.


On the other end this is where the magnetic magic happens. The brand logo and motto again are present.


Then pull the microUSB magnetic plug – this goes into your device.


Zooming in we see the gold pins on both parts.



Let’s test it and see if it delivers what it promises.


Testing methodology


Test its plug and play operation and to test the power of the magnet.

Hardware used:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Smartphone
– Standard Samsung UK mains charger
WINNERGEAR Montar universal Car Mount

Insert the micro SB part into your device. If you need to remove it, use the include extractor – you will need it, it is a very secure and perfect fit.


So first things first. Let’s see if it charges.

Affirmative answer. Now let’s see how strong the magnet is.

So yes, after that, there is no doubt that it will be an awesome upgrade in every day use and scenario. Even when driving, there i used to have a lot of problems from vibrations etc and it will not charge properly. But now, no more.





One of the best aftermarket solutions for magnetic charging cables.

The good:

+ Overbuild product
+ High quality materials used – aerospace aluminium, gold connectors, PC/ABS nylod weave
+ Very strong magnet
+ Notification LED
+ Greatly increases the life of your micro USB port
+ Great design
+ Excellent price

The bad:

– Should have made it longer
– Offer more color options
– Have to get like 2-3 extra cables for convenience (car, work, home etc) or carry the same one everywhere with you


Glob3trotters “Overbuilt” Award – 5 out 5


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