In today’s technological world, a smartphone is a must because you can do a lot with them.
Adding the fact that for someone who travels a lot, like us for example, we had to fill the void for a very good phone car holder, something that will last.

Because it’s annoying and becomes a distraction to check you phone all the time when you’re driving.
So we really needed a convenient and reliable window car mount to make interacting with our phones safe.

Thus, enters the Montar Car Mount – a universal window and dashboard mount for your smart phone or GPS unit.
Made from hard molded plastic, the Montar is extremely sturdy and easy to operate.
Advertised as the world’s best universal car mount, the Montar delivers where others have failed.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler like us or simply seeking convenience on the road, finding the perfect phone car holder becomes essential. The constant need to check our phones while driving can be not only annoying but also dangerous, posing a significant distraction. And that’s when we stumbled upon the remarkable Montar Car Mount. For a hassle-free and secure phone holder, look no further, simply go here and explore the comprehensive range of auto parts and accessories available at our esteemed auto parts specialist company. It promises to deliver where others have fallen short, earning its reputation as the world’s best universal car mount.

It’s Made by Winnergear


Winnergear was established in 2012 with the focus towards creation of new products to meet the needs of tech savvy customers.
They take pride in being a group of young entrepreneurs who are committed to design and manufacture new products for those people who are passionate about mobile phones.

The Winnergear team represents elements like professionalism, innovation and simplicity.

The firm has come into existence to help users re-experience the everyday life in an incredible way with Winnergear car mount and waterproof phone skins. Each of their products are carefully tested and verified before they are released in the market.

Their website:

Price when reviewed – £17.49 via and 29.99 $ – via

MONTAR Universal Car Mount For Smartphones GPS One Hand 360 Rotation Best Holder Cradle Windshield Dashboard For Samsung Apple HTC Nokia Blackberry Motorola Sony Ericsson LG iPhone 3 3GS 4 4S 5 5S 6 Galaxy Note 2 3 II Galaxy S3 S4 IV i9300 i9500 i9200 i9100 HTC One X+ The New Droid RAZR Blackberry Q10 Z10 9700 9900 Sony Xperia Z L T LG Optimus Nokia Lumia 920 820 Google Nexus 4

MONTAR By WinnerGear Best Universal Car Mount For Smartphones GPS PDA One Hand 360 Rotation Holder Cradle Windshield Dashboard For iPhone 3 3GS 4 4S 5 5S 6 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 3 II Galaxy S3 S4 IV i9300 i9500 i9200 i9100 HTC One X+ The New Droid RAZR Blackberry Q10 Z10 9700 9900 Sony Xperia Z L T LG Optimus Nokia Lumia 920 820 Google Nexus 4




• One Hand Use
• 360 Rotation
• Rubber Grip To Protect Your Device From Scratches
• Patented Suction Cup – World’s Strongest Suction Cup Guaranteed
• Can carry devices up to 3.5 KG (7.7 LB)
• Unique Beautiful And Durable Design
• Universal : Up To 6″ Screen Size
• Washable Suction Cup
• Works on any flat surface (Dashboard/Windshield/Walls/etc.)



Comes in a very nice and transparent box with self-explanatory details on it.






Inside we get besides the holder, one 3M Adhesive Pad which is for curved and textured dashboards.
Very nice.


Visual impressions

Has a very high quality feel to it.
Doesn’t feel of cheap plastic.



The expandable spring system is very powerful and strong with no play on its tracks.
You can see where it starts in the middle of the red rubber grip.
Then we move on to the suction cup where some of the magic happens.


It is coated with a sticky film.
With bad experience from other cheap products, you can presume that will attract all kinds of dirt after you remove it.
No, sir, here that will not happen.
It’s even washable !


Peel off the protective film,‘aim’ where you need it and press the suction cup lever. Done.


Here is my Samsung Note 2 and it’s a big one.




No problem whatsoever.
It’s very secure and very easy to adjust via the 360 ball joint mechanism.


Here is a quick video on a bumpy road, the phone does not move at all (if you don’t mind my shaky camera recording skills while driving)

Even without the latch secured, it still grips the surface.
We even tried to force by grabbing and hitting it while holding the phone, still nothing.
Looks are deceiving and here is the perfect example, this thing is that strong !



We can surely agree that what they aimed with this product, they achieved with flying colors.
It excels in all areas, compatibility, quality, ease of use and features.

Leaves a very small footprint in the car, the washable suction cup is a very nice touch.
Minimalistic design and looks very nice also.

The price, again you get what you pay for and here our motto applies again, you get maximum quality and with no doubt it is worth its price.

So, yes, it deserves our maximum rating because after testing it for so many days, we didn’t encounter any problems with it and was a joy to use.

It’s one of those products that shows that when a company really tries to make the best product that they can do for the consumer, not only they succeed, they make the best one in the business.


Globetrotters “Perfect Award” 5 out of 5


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