Most content creators are usually a one-man-show and they need proper tools to get the job done quickly. Thus, gear that it’s easy to install, adjust and get up an running as fast as possible, is quite handy. One such example is this universal heavy duty boom arm from TONOR. We already reviewed their excellent TC-777 USB Condenser Mic so we have high expectation from this accessory as well.

First about TONOR

TONOR states that they provide the best solution for upcoming artists, creative stars that are waiting to come out, waiting to be noticed. TONOR allows them to own high-quality professional audio recording devices without pinching the wallet. They take pride in creating the perfect balance by designing products that provide a superior sound quality.


Prices and Availability


Stating that it is a heavy duty item is a bold description since some microphones out there are quite heavy. Thus $40 for a universal boom arm that covers a broad list should be justified.

21/08/2020 – * Check out the video review as well! *


Presentation and Specification


* Courtesy of their website.

The TONOR T20 microphone arm stand is made of high-quality and durable steel material. It can support most microphones weighing up to 3.96lbs /1.8kg when combined with shock mount. The springs are strong enough to support a heavy microphone like Blue Yeti, hold your microphone in perfect position with no slippage and no drooping. The cylindrical shape provides a lot more surface area to clamp onto than other desk mounts and thus makes it sit firmly.


* Material: Steel
* Weight: 3.96lbs/1.8kg
* Max. horizontal/vertical Length: 27.6″/700mm
* Rotation angle: 360°
* Maximum support weight: 4lbs/1.8kg
* Thread specification: standard 3/8″ thread
* Adapter: 3/8″ female to 5/8″ male adapter (included)

So far it looks really good on paper, I mean the ability to hold up to 3x BLUE YETI microphones at the same time, beggars belief. Have you seen those YETI things? They are like dumbbells. Well, the clamp having almost 5 times more contact surface than most regular stands, further supports the overbuilt idea.

Now this is the official microphone compatible list which should increase if your desired microphone accepts the supplied 3/8″ female to 5/8″ male adapter or just psychically fits in the stock mic clip.


Visual Inspection, Installation and Feedback


It comes shipped in a plain but sturdy cardboard box with minimal outside branding.

This side informs us of the accessory list through a list of minimalist icons.

I love the fact that everything inside has its own chamber so no internal movement occurs, thus to protect from scratches and damage between the parts.

This is the complete list of items that you will get:

1x Boom arm
1x Desk clamp
1x Mic clip
1x 3/8″ to 5/8″ adapter
1x Pop filter
1x Foam cover
4x Cable tie
1x Manual
1x Warranty card

At first glance, the scissor style operated boom arm is very sturdy and doesn’t make any noises when deployed. Now let’s install it. The clamp has a padded contact surface so no worries that will scratch your desk.

Take the clamp and secure in the desired place on your desk.

Then just insert the deployed boom arm into the clamp’s socket.

It’s a very tight fit and it offers full 360 degree motion.

Next step is to install the pop filter to basically any point you desire on the boom arm. After that either use the included shock mount which also requires the supplied 3/8″ female to 5/8″ male adaptor or directly to a supported microphone.

Here is with the Tonor TC-777 and then with the Blue Yeti.

The final step is to secure the microphone cable with the included straps for a clean look.

Hardware used:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3100 AM4 – 4c/8t @ 65W TDP
CPU Cooler: AMR Ryzen Wraith Spire RGB
Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX B550-i Gaming mITX @ BIOS 0608
Boot SSD: Crucial P2 500GB NVMe QLC
Video card(s): ASUS GTX 1080 STRIX A8G
PSU: Corsair SF750 SFX Platinum
Case: Sahara P35 Tempered Glass Mid Tower PC Gaming Case
Case fans 140 mm: Noiseblocker eLoop X-Series ARGB Black PWM – B14X-P 1500 RPM
Case fans 120 mm: Noiseblocker eLoop X-Series ARGB Black PWM – B12X-P-BL 2000 RPM


OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 2004
Editing Software: Adobe Premier Pro CC 2020 v14
Recording Software: Adobe Audition 2020 v13

Let’s get the observations out of the way. I would avoid round tables since the clamp will not grasp the whole required surface to be stable. Then the stock shock mount isn’t fully adjustable beside the little leverage it offers when it expands if you insert a thicker mic. This of course can be overcome if your mic has the appropriate mounting thread. Then the included pop filter needs some extra convincing to stay into the desired place.

Besides these small nitpicks, this thing truly delivers! The arm is highly overbuilt and sturdy and yeah, you can attach a brick to it and still hold it. Gladly I had the Blue Yeti and tried it and it worked perfectly. Just make sure you hang heavy mics since it improves stability.

It has a great range of motion and doesn’t squeak, rattle or makes any annoying noises which we know that they are the enemy in our recording sessions.

Love the padded grip and the full metal adaptor that gives you the ability to install a wide variety of microphones. The included branded Velcro straps are highly welcomed and even the generic mic foam cover is handy.

There is even an Easter egg – you can use the bottom of the boom where it connects to the desk to place your headphones. This way you can tuck them our of sight depending on how you mount your boom arm.




TONOR delivers again, they promised an overbuild arm stand and they did just that. This is a premium product with a great price bracket and it’s a joy to use and interact with. It can accept heavy microphones which is a great win in itself and it comes with all the accessories you might need to get you started. This is a must have accessory when you want a reliable boom arm to get the job done!

The good:

+ Overbuilt construction
+ Easy to install and adjust
+ Can accept heavy microphones
+ Great accessory list
+ Excellent value for money

The bad:

– The stock securing bracket needs to be fully adjustable to hold securely a broader variety of thickness for microphones
– The clamp will not work with round desks/tables

Glob3trotters “Highly Recommend” Award – 4.5 out of 5


Many thanks to TONOR for supplying us with this sample !

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