Today we are back with another Sandberg product which enforces their EsportEquipment line of PC gaming peripherals. This time it is a wireless mouse which can also be used also with a cable or without. It promises an elegant and simple design to help you enjoy your gaming sessions and general multimedia needs, at one very attractive price.


Sandberg states that their brand stands for quality and user-friendliness.

Their ideology “IT is for everybody” is part of everything we do. A Danish firm that since its inception in 1985, private consumers, institutions and companies have benefited from this simple philosophy. Distributors and dealers appreciate the availability, range, simple procedures and the exceptionally low failure rate. Every year over half a million Sandberg products find their way to users in more than 65 countries.

Choosing Sandberg means choosing a safe and conscientious product that meets all applicable regulatory requirements. A product manufactured by subcontractors who are committed to following Sandberg’s Code of Conduct to ensure decent working conditions and reduce the environmental impact of the production and waste disposal.


Price when reviewed


£ 29.06 – via

Sandberg Wireless Sniper Mouse – mice (17 mm, 6 mm, 21 mm, 250 g)

$ 28.12 – via

Sandberg Wireless Sniper Mouse, 640-05


Presentation and Specifications


*Courtesy of their website*


It has the following main specs:

* USB interface
* Wireless frequency: 2405 MHz – 2476 MHz
* Optical sensor
* Switchable DPI (1000, 1600, 2000, 2400)
* 3-color LED lights
* 8 buttons
* Key life: 5 million
* Rechargeable 1200 mAh lithium battery
* Battery LED indicator
* Charge time: Approx. 6-8 hours
* Working time: Approx. 3 months
* Height of the product / package: 3.8 cm / 21 cm
* Width of the product / package: 12 cm / 17 cm
* Depth of the product / package: 7.8 cm / 6 cm
* Weight of the product / package: 154 g / 250 g

Just by the numbers it has a respectable rap sheet. We will find out if it reflects its overall quality and performance.


Packaging & Visual inspection


Since we started reviewing Sandberg products, we notice the same box pattern and design: black background with blue thunders. And in the middle usually is reserved for the product’s picture. Same case here as well.


On the back we have a quick intro about the product in 24 languages.


Love when they employ the LEGO style box: so you can clearly see the actual item without opening the box. The main cover is hold into place by a small integrated magnet. Speaking of, it has on the inside a picture of a generic soldier indicating that this mouse can be your weapon of choice in gaming.


Then we open it up and discover that it comes with a micro-USB charging cable, a user guide and 2x Sandberg stickers. The stickers are black with blue writings – the camera picked up some weird light reflection.


And here it is: the Sandberg Wireless Sniper gaming mouse. It has a very elegant and simple design, almost organic. It fits really good in your palm and has an all black theme with small blue/greenish inserts.


It has 8 buttons. Let’s start with the underneath so you can understand what each button does because from here you will select for what you would like the mouse to perform: gaming or multimedia. Also notice the housing for the USB plug.


The ♬ symbol stands for media thus this means that the mouse will be optimized for music playback for instance.
Then when selecting 250 or 500 Mhz that will activate gaming mode which as seen above will have other results for some of the buttons. Also it has the option to turn on or off the mouse illumination.


What else? Ah it has a low profile gold plated-like USB connector.


And underneath the scroll wheel the micro-USB charging port is located. As previously mentioned, the Sniper mouse can be used like a regular wired mouse or completely wireless.


And now for the light show !


It has 3 main colors Blue, Red And Green with a pulsating effect and transition.


As you noticed, only the logo changes the color while the scroll wheel is always blue.


Now let’s see how it performed.


Testing & impressions


With such an easy product to operate and no dedicated software or drivers required to set it up or fine tune it, just plug and play, we will jump right into the feedback.

So, it is really easy to hold, grip and reach all the buttons. I have long fingers and it still was ok. It’s on the light side and works on most surfaces. I tried a box of cereals, a kitchen cloths, my jeans and my wood desk. All good. The buttons are very clicky and distinct and give a relatively good feedback.



Regarding the battery life, even with heavy usage (based on an average of 8 hours per day) should last you at least 1 week, at a minimum. Which is really good considering the lights and performance.

Speaking of, we witness no lag or signal interruption while wireless. Although 2400 DPI may sound like low for heavy gamers, this is not built for professional use and for most, the precision and performance is really good. We used DOOM for like an hour of intense demon fighting and purging and once we didn’t succumb to due the mouses fault from a technical point of view.

Overall this is a great choice and will satisfy most needs regarding general usage.




This is a great option for a wireless mouse which doesn’t try that much to be branded as an excessive eye catcher with too much bling. It has a subtle yet elegant design and neutral color scheme. Thus it will blend easily if you need this for a laptop for example. The reliable performance for general use is there and for casual and even normal gamers will not disappoint. The added touches via the 3 LED lights again reinforces the small subtle influences with the option to turn them off as well. The plug and play nature and the incorporated dual mode selection via one click makes the Sandberg Sniper Mouse a great best buy !

The Good:

+ Comfortable to use
+ Great build quality
+ Very attractive price bracket
+ Simple and elegant design
+ 5 Years warranty
+ Great battery life
+ 3 color option LED plus the option to turn them off
+ Build in dual mode
+ Plug and play

The bad:

– Given the price there’s not much you can complain


Glob3trotters “Best Buy” Award – 4.5 out of 5



A lot of thanks to Sandberg for supplying us with this sample !


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