We have a new kid on the block today, that comes from a Taiwan based brand called REEVEN.
They send us to review their high performance Ouranos RC-1401 140 mm CPU tower cooler.

First about REEVEN :



REEVEN is a newly established international manufacturer of PC related products.

REEVEN’s product lines includes the best quality of advanced CPU coolers, such as Cooling Fans, Power Supply Units, PC Cases and many other items.

The target of their products is a wide range of audiences looking for products that will withstand the highest demand.

They run under the slogan “Don’t think. Feel it!”.


Regarding price, we were told to expect pricing to fall in the $55 to $58 range.


Presentation and specification


*Courtesy of their website.



Packaging and content


Comes in a nice box with everything explained and detailed on almost every side – although they never mention the full name of the fan – RM1425S17B-P.


Inside we are greeted with the accessories box and underneath it we have cooler itself.


The 140 PWM fan.


And the box full of accessories.


And these are:

– 1x universal back plate
– 1x packet of paste
– 4x nylon spacers
– 4x black rubber retaining washers
– 1x LGA775 preload spacer
– 4x mounting screws for LGA2011 and LGA2011 V3 sockets
– 4x locking nuts
– 4x backplate studs
– 1x wrench
– 4x fan clips
– 1x universal all socket top plate
– 1x crossbar
– 1x installation manual
– 1x low-voltage adapter

Visual examination


It’s a medium sized cooler that is designed with an offset, as many coolers with similar piping structures often are. This moves the cooler and the fan away from the memory, which would be off to the left side of the cooler when installed.


The base has a semy finish look.



And on the top has this unique extra plate that gives it a very professional and different design look.




First let’s take a look at the backplate.
We noticed this small gap where the studs can be fitted 100% securely when you choose for what socket type.
Very nice detail that makes a lot of difference.


All the studs with the robber grommets.


The we mount the white plastic spacers, the top plate and use the included wrench to secure everything.


We flip the motherboard to check and so far so good no clearance problems what so ever.


Don’t forget the thermal paste, choose your cooler orientation and secure it via this middle plate with 2 screws.


REEVEN also provided us with their proprietary RT-Pro Thermal Grease.


The side view to see the offset.


And the installed heatsink.
No problems at all.
Despite its weight, the mounting pressure is excellent !
Let’s complete the build and see if any clearance issues.

In this orientation with this motherboard, the space between the cooler and the video card is on the limit but still acceptable.


Top view.


Everything inside the case with the fan as well.


We specially chose an mATX motherbord where space is more restrictive but we can see that there is still clearance with the memory modules – on the limit yet again.



Testing methodology


First we did with one fan – as intended from factory and then we will do a dual fan setup.
The CPU will be tested in 2 main scenarios: at stock settings and then overclocked both with a Prime 95 test run.

We used Prime95 as the ‘torture test’ with the option “In place large FFT” so it will use 100 % of the CPU power including the hyper threading feature.
Let it ran for 30 minutes and the let the CPU 10 minutes to cool , after which we measured the idle temperature.

To control the fans we used the auto feature of MSI’s own control center program.
To read the temperatures we used the AIDA 64 and Core Temp.

For the noise we used our Pyle PSPL01 placed 30 cm away from the setup.
Then we removed the video card and used the iGPU from the processor so more heat and to further eliminate any extra noise.

Thermal paste used was the supplied extra by REEVEN.

We compared the results with other tower cooler and even a low profile one.
All of these we used the same fan the Noiseblocker eLOPP 120 MM PWM B-12P with CFM up to 78 at 2000 max RPM.

Any results over 80° C in any condition are considered a fail.
Let’s proceed.


Hardware used:

CPU: Intel i7 2600k TDP 95 W / then OC to 4.5 Ghz
Motherboard: Asus P8H67-M Pro
Memory Modules: 2x 4 GB DDR3 Kingston HyperX Fury 1866 Mhz
PSU: Seasonic S12II 500W
Storage: HGST 1 TB 7K1000 2.5″ HDD

Comparison with other tower coolers:

Thermalright 120 Extreme
Scythe Mugen Max
Noctua NH-U12P
Thermalrigh AXP-100 R low profile cooler
Intel stock


Windows 7 Ultimate X64 SP1
Prime 95 v27.9
MSI Control Center v2.5.06
AIDA 64 Extreme Ed. V1.70
Core Temp v1.0 R6









Nothing more to add that it came out the best performing CPU cooler we have tested so far, in all scenarios !

Regarding noise, the dual setup was the loudest but not by much when compared to the dual setup of a Mugen Max.
We didn’t use the low noise adapter and let the motherboard use the stock PWM functions.
Thus you can tune it to your likings.




We are really impressed today with this REEVEN product.

The good:

+ Excellent build quality and finish
+ Superb cooling performance – our best performer yet !
+ Stands out with its top plate that adds character to it
+ A lot of material (12x 8mm heat pipes and 55 fins)
+ High socket pressure
+ Option to add a second fan

The bad:

– Maybe on the heavy side but feels very study and well built in your hand like a Noctua but again because of its very secure mounting this can be managed.
– Really the only downside is some high noise output from the fans if you use them at full capacity but it can be managed if you set it at a decent % via PWN.
– Scarce – hard to find here in the UK for example.

Overall it did an amazing job and thus it gets our:

Glob3trotters “Excellence Award” – 4.5 out of 5


Many thanks for REEVEN for supplying us this test sample !


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