NVIDIA surprises us with a new TITAN – The Xp Monster Full GP102 with 3840 CUDA

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Because the freshly released NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is so good that nobody in their right mind will pay the extra $500 for the current TITAN X Pascal, thus the company needed something to be worth $1,200 again.

So just out of the blue, Nvidia launched the new TITAN Xp, and with it, discontinued the TITAN X Pascal. The new TITAN Xp features all 3,840 CUDA cores physically present on the GP102 chip, all 240 TMUs, all 96 ROPs, and 12 GB of faster 11.4 Gbps GDDR5X memory over the chip’s full 384-bit wide memory interface.

Mind you this is the new upgraded GDDR5X introduced with the new 1080ti thus we are looking over half a terabyte of effective memory bandwidth; 550 GB/s which is even more the the first generation HBM memory ! Insane specs.

Thus again we have a full blown all bells and whistles complete architecture GPU that promises to conquer even more FPS at 4K and our wallets of course.

As accustomed, you can only get this via NVIDIA’s website.

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