More products from REEVEN for us to present and review.
Today we are covering 3 models of their fan lineup, all with PWM.

We were curios about their naming scheme so everything might make sense if you have a general understanding of Greek and Roman mythology.

First about REEVEN :



REEVEN is a newly established international manufacturer of PC related products.

REEVEN’s product lines includes the best quality of advanced CPU coolers, such as Cooling Fans, Power Supply Units, PC Cases and many other items.

The target of their products is a wide range of audiences looking for products that will withstand the highest demand.

They run under the slogan “Don’t think. Feel it!”.


Regarding price, should be around 10-12 pounds for the COLDWINGs and up to 15-17 pounds for the EUROS

Presentation and specification


Let’s start with the COLDWING 14 – the 14 stands for as you might guess to 140 mm size but with added feature that it has 120mm fan mounting holes.


The test subject is the PWM one with the following specs:

– Fan dimension (WxHxD mm): 140 x 140 x 25
– Mounting holes (mm): 105 x 105
– Product Number: RM1425S17B-P
– Fan speed (RPM): 300~1700 / *300~1300
– Air flow (CFM): 16.3~92.4 / *16.3~69.9
– Static pressure (inch H2O): 0.002~0.091 / *0.002~0.048
– Noise level (dB/A): 5.8~36.4 / *5.8~24.7
– Current (A): 0.25
– Bearing Type: sleeve bearing
– MTTF (hrs): 30.000
– Voltage (V): 12
– Weight (g): 155

*Equipped with SSA(Speed Switch Adapter) to lower the noise & RPM rate.


Next we have the COLDWING 12 – also with PWM.


It stands out by providing an enhanced amount of airflow while operating at a low noise level.


And has:

– Fan dimension (WxHxD mm): 120 x 120 x 25
– Product Number: RM1225S15B-P
– Fan speed (RPM): 300~1500
– Air flow (CFM): 16.6~82.1
– Static pressure (inch H2O): 0.003~0.067
– Noise level (dB/A): 4.0~29.8
– Current (A): 0.25
– Bearing Type: sleeve bearing
– MTTF (hrs): 30.000
– Voltage (V): 12
– Weight (g): 155


Last but not least, the EUROS.


This one comes with a Sony Fluid Dynamic Bearing for increased endurance and overall performance.


– Fan dimension (WxHxD mm): 120 x 120 x 25
– Product Number: RA1225F12C-P
– Fan speed (RPM): 500~1200
– Air flow (CFM): 18.8~46.4
– Static pressure (inch H2O): 0.009~0.049
– Noise level (dB/A): 9.8~22.3
– Current (A): 0.12
– Bearing Type: S-FDB
– MTTF (hrs): 120.000
– Voltage (V): 12
– Weight (g): 175


Packaging and content


Now let’s move on and meet them in real life.


Same order – so, COLDWING 14.

You can’t miss them because of their signature yellow with black combo – pretty one I might add.
The box is a transparent plastic thus adds to the above effect.
On the back we see a very nice touch, they include the specs for the whole range of this model so you have an overall perspective.


The accessories list include:

– 4x Philips screws
– 4x Anti-vibration rubberized push screws
– 1x Low rpm/noise adapter – marketed as a “SSA – Speed Switch Adapter”


The fan itself is pretty sturdy with 9 blades and a 50 cm long fully sleeved 4 pin/PWM cable.
As previously stated nice feature to have the mounting holes of a 120 mm fan for maximum compatibility – as shown in our test build later on.




With this one they changed the box design to a much professional look it truly shows but not sacrificing the appeal.


The inside is changed as well, everything is nested in this tray box where we have the following:

– 4x Philips screws
– 1x Reeven logo sticker
– 1x Molex power adapter


The same sturdy and quality feeling for the frame, but with 11 blades and a 30 cm long 4 pin/PWM full sleeved cable.



And the “odd” one – the EUROS.

More to talk about here because of its S-DFB which it’s designed with surface tension seal, porous sintered dynamic sleeve and fully oil filled.

These promise to deliver an improved oil carrying ability, which will reduce the overall noise level generated while the ball bearing operates and will increase the overall life span of the fan up to 120 000 hours of constant operation.
Also, the fan is made to deliver a better anti-shock system done with a surface contact mechanism.

Neat stuff.

This stands out from their range because no more yellow and different box design as well.
But the same plastic transparent enclosed solution as the COLDWING 14.


Inside besides the fan we have:

– 4x Philips screws
– 4x Anti-vibration rubberized push screws


Now let’s focus on the fan itself.
It’s a very neutral design, very sturdy.


First we noticed how big the rotor is which it houses the S-FDB that we early spoke about.


Then we have the propeller that features 11 black matte painted blades, which are not very wide but have very sharply angled.
Also they have these 3 focusing channels on the top side, which are made to provide more stable and focused airflow for the optimal cooling performance.


We meet ’em, time to see how they perform.


Testing methodology


– Sound meter – Pyle PSPL01 – positioned 1 meter from the case, (we will include +/- 2-3 % margin for error) with ambient noise level of 25-30 dB/A.
– RPM control and monitoring via MSI Control center, tested at 30, 50, 80 and 100 % load.

– Then we removed the video card plus our PSU has semifanless action so that we cancel virtually any other sources of sound.

– Regarding airflow we used an anemometer – Mastech MS6252A (we will include +/- 6-11 % margin for error) – positioned 15 cm away from the fan and in between we use an improved cardboard tubing also in diameter of 140 mm to channel all the airflow as straight as possible (used also for the small fans). The results were recorded in CFM.

– Then we mounted them on the CPU heat sink to test their cooling and static pressure efficiency. CPU at stock speed and OC to 4.5 GHZ via Witcher 3 in a 20 minute gameplay session.

– The rest of the hardware:
Processor: Intel i7 2700k
CPU heatsink: Thermalright AXP-100R
Case: NCase M1
Storage: Samsung 840 Pro 128 GB
Motherboard: MSI B75IA-E33 mITX
Video card: MSI GTX 780 Ti OC Twin Frozr Gaming
PSU: Silverstone SX-600G SFX w/ semifanless function

– Other fans for the CPU test:

DeepCool GF-120 – 500 – 1800 RPM – < 80 CFM – < 33 dB/A
Venturi HF-140 mm PWM – 400 -1500 RPM – < 78 CFM – < 30 dB/A – < 1.940 mmH2O
Noiseblocker eLOOP B12-P – 800 – 2000 RPM – < 78 CFM – < 28 dB/A – < 2.204 mmH2O
Noiseblocker BlackSilentPro PK-PS – 400 – 1500 RPM – < 72 CFM – < 29 dB/A – < 1.320 mmH2O


Windows 7 Ultimate X64 SP1
Prime 95 v27.9
MSI Control Center v2.5.06
AIDA 64 Extreme Ed. V1.70
Core Temp v1.0 R6






All of them performed very well given the competition.
We really like that they do what it says on the box.

Regarding noise output, only at full chat the COLDWING 12 & 14 can be heard, the latter can be loud but in a normal situation with the system on auto % curve there should be no problems, especially with the included low noise adapter.




Let’s wrap things up for them today.


The good:

+ Great build
+ Good overall performance/price ratio
+ Fully sleeved
+ Low noise adapter included
+ Great design

The bad:

– Not that good for static pressure when used on a 120 mm cpu heatsink
– Sleeve bearing

Glob3trotters “Good Value Award” – 4 out of 5



The good:

+ Very powerful
+ Reasonably silent
+ Great design and looks

The bad:

– Sleeve bearing

Glob3trotters “High Performance” Award – 4.5 out of 5



The good:

+ High grade rotor with extra long life of operation and low noise
+ Great blade design
+ Very good performance and noise output

The bad:

– Neutral look

Glob3trotters “High Quality Award” Award – 4.5 out of 5


Many thanks for REEVEN for supplying us these samples !


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