Today we are looking into Noiseblocker’s first range of affordable and high quality fans – the “BlackSilentFan” (though they are black with blue)


We will be tackling all the 92, 120 and 140 MM variants.

First, about Noiseblocker.


(((Noiseblocker))) is a trademark of the Blacknoise group.
Blacknoise Deutschland GmbH is focused on the development and production of high-quality product solutions in computer Hardware, multimedia accessories and they also produce industrial grade fans.

Founded in 1998, they are the European leader in the low-noise PC arena – particularly through their Noiseblocker brand – and have become a mature, economically stable company.
Thus, they have branches worldwide in over 33 countries.

Their success is based on innovative product development, quality assurance and not only their global reach, but their ability to think flexibly and are very proud of their products, patented technologies and testing methodology like low-noise development, Low-dB-measuring chamber, fast prototyping, CAD construction, fan-characteristic curve-testing bench-measurement and acoustic-camera-visualization engineered at the limits of audibility.

Prices when reviewed:

140 mm:

XK-1: £ 8.99

XK-2: £ 8.99

120 mm:

XL-P: £ 8.59

XL-1: £ 6.98

XL-2: £ 5.99

92 mm:

XE-1: £ 6.25—92x92x25mm-_17961.html

XE-2: € 6.90


Complete Specifications:



All the technologies and patents.


– Developed in Germany
– Silent NB-NanoSLI® bearing NEW!
– Silent NB-EKA P2 Drive NEW!
– Bayer® Makrolon® rotor with anti-dust technology
– Reinforced fibreglass PBT-frame
– 50 cm cable with high-quality textile sheath
– NB-slics for vibration-free assembly
– Rotor is protected against reverse polarity and blocking


Visual Inspection


All the fans from this series in our batch use all the same design for the box.
On the back we have a very detailed specs list. One of the best we might add.



Let’s group ’em.
First the 140 mm ones – the XK range.



Inside, we have the fans with a 50 cm long and very well sleeved 3 pin cable and 4 standard Philips screws.


Zooming in, we see a standard frame design and a propeller with 7 semi-transparent painted in blue blades with average angle which are supposed to deliver constant airflow at very low noise level.
Identical with the rest regardless of size.

Moving on, the 120 mm ones – the XL range.



The XL-P is the only one with PWM/4pin.
Inside you get 4 antivibration rubberized (black) screws.


Because the standard one have blue screws.

And the last but not least, the 92 mm – XEs.



They have black screws.



How we tested


– Sound meter – Pyle PSPL01 – positioned 1 meter from the case, (we will include +/- 2-3 % margin for error) with ambient noise level of 25-30 dB/A.
– RPM control and monitoring via MSI Control center, tested at 4 different stages 20, 50, 80 and 100 % RPM load (only for the PWM ones)

– We removed the video card plus our PSU has semifanless action so that we removed virtually any other sources of sound, to leave only the Noiseblocker fans running for optimal testing.

– Regarding airflow we used an anemometer – Mastech MS6252A (we will include +/- 6-11 % margin for error) – positioned 15 cm away from the fan and in between we use an improved cardboard tubing also in diameter of 140 mm to channel all the airflow as straight as possible (used also for the small fans). The results were recorded in CFM.

– The rest of the hardware:
Processor: Intel i7 2700k @ stock settings
CPU heatsink: Thermalright AXP-100R
Case: NCase M1
Storage: Samsung 840 Pro 128 GB (no HDDs, again to remove all noise)
Motherboard: MSI B75IA-E33 mITX
PSU: Silverstone SX-600G SFX w/ semifanless function

– Other fan(s):
DeepCool GamerSotrm GF120 – 500-1800 RPM PWM – up to 33 dB/s and ~ 80 CFM
Scythe S-Flex – 1600 RPM 3 pin – 42 dB/a and ~ 60 CFM
All the previous Noiseblocker 3 and 4 pin fans from our previews reviews.


The results.


We wanted to see how the numbers check out from their technical sheet.
As seen from our previous reviews, the numbers are 98 % within specs.
It was the same case here as well.

The first test was for the PWM XL-P 120 mm fan versus all of our PWM test fans including more from the higher grade Noiseblockers.


THe XL-P only at 100% is on the loud side.


And the 3 pin versions regardless of size they are all quite.



The good:

+ All performed very well regarding noise output
+ Even being a low budget range it still has a lot of quality and performance
+ The antivibration systems work extremely well
+ Their presentation is very professional and rich with technical details
+ Very attractive prices
+ Sleeved and long cables

The bad:

– Not that much CFM (sacrificed for silent operation) compared to the higher eLOOP and Multiframe series
– Subjective matter, maybe the blue black combo isn’t to everyone liking and taste
– The XL-P only at full chat is on the loud side
– Half the warranty and half the MTB but that is still very good considering the price and their role.

Let’s move to our scores and awards:

Globetrotters “Silent & Value for money” Award – 4 out of 5 – for all 3 pin ones


Globetrotters “Good Performance & Value for money” Award – 4.5 out of 5 – for the XL-P PWM


Many thanks to Noiseblocker for the supplied products !


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