Another budget case in for exploring, the Core 1000 – the USB 2.0 version – they also released a 3.0 USB version as well.
We will see how Fractal Design redefines the ratio of very cheap but not to affect the quality and features to the maximum.

First, about Fractal Design.


A Swedish company founded in Göteborg, Sweden in 2007.
They take pride in creating products with a minimalistic, elegant and simple design, with influences from Scandinavian elements, embracing the motto ‘less is more’.

Price when reviewed : £ 26.95Via

Fractal Design Core 1000 Series Micro ATX Case – Black/Pearl








Simple box with color accents for the firm’s logo.


Moving inside.


Good protection from the top and bottom polyurethane covers.


And the accessory box; simple with a bag full of mixed screws and motherboard adapters. And a manual.



Visual examination


At the front we have a full integrated filter mesh that protects well against dust but also give it a very clean and nice design and look.


The side front panel has the normal interface, reset and power button, 2x USB 2.0, microphone and headphones jacks and power with HDD LED notification.


At the back again usual layout, with 4x PCI openings, 1x ATX PSU opening and the possibility to mount a 92 or 80 mm fan.


Underneath, 4x basic hard rubbished feet mounts. No stability problems.


On the left side, there is only 1x 120mm fan mounting option.


Removing the front panel we see the supplied 3 pin 120 RPM 120 mm fan from Fractal Design.
The white blades give it a very nice color scheme, you can even see them running from the front if you opt for some interior illumination.



And another perspective for the front mesh and zooming in we see the wiring nicely organized for the front panel and the possibility to mount your own 120, 92 or 80 mm fan.


And the front cables.


Moving inside, after we remove the side panel, hold by 2 hand removable screws, we see the basic layout for a budget case.
But, surprised to see the interior is all black considering it is a budget case.

You can mount 2x 5.25″ drives and vertically 2x or 3x 3.5″/2.5″ drives on the side plate depending on combinations like: 3x 2.5″, 2x 3.5″ or 1x 2.5″ + 1x 3.5″

The side plate is removable, hold by 3 screws, if you desire for a even cleaner look.
And it supports graphic cards with lengths up to 350mm, as you will seek, we had no problems installing one of the longest video cards on the market.


The back side.


And the right outside – as you can see minimal wire management capability because of the small space left to hide the cables.




The Build


Hardware used:

Processor: Intel i7 2600k 3.4 GHz
CPU Cooling: Stock Intel
Motherboard: MicroATX Asus P8H67-M PRO
Video card: Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming – 312 mm long
Memory: 2x 4 GB Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 1866 MHz
SSD: 2.5″ Crucial BX100 250 GB
HDD: 3.5″ Seagate Baracuda 7200 RPM 500 GB
Power Supply: SeaSonic S12II 500W ATX 140 mm long We installed a non modular ATX PSU specifically to test the wire management capabilities
1x 120 MM Noiseblocker Black Silent Pro PL-PS – on the side panel
1x 80 MM Noiseblocker Black Silent Pro P-P – at the back

First step, to install the drives on the removable plate.
Nice to see rubberized grommets to reduce the vibrations and thus the HDDs classical noises.


The power supply at 140 mm long.


Then the mATX motherboard.
Here, we had some problems because it was too tight of a fit the upper corner – we recommend the manufacturer that 1-2 mm to be shaved off here to prevent any force fitment like we did – you can see the scratches from just that.



Regarding WM, we liked the cutout from the 5.25″ bays area so you can route the video cards PCI cables through here for example.
And we used the empty 5.25″ bays to putt all the extra unused cables.



So far so good.


The side fan installed.


Then the 312 MM long GTX 970 from Gigabyte – as you can see a lot of room to spare.



Everything mounted and a very nice unexpected detail – we can see the logo lighting from the video card.


And also on lighting, the front activity LEDs are way to powerful/bright, i mean at night it will light up all the floor – not joking !








Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1
MSI Control Center v2.5.06
Crysis 3 – 15 minutes gameplay session
All fans set on auto rpm including CPU and the video card.


Room temperature: 20 degrees C.

Idle: 28 C / Gaming Load: 61 C

Idle: 29 C / Gaming load: 52 C


We used our Pyle PSPL01 placed 45 cm away from the setup and the measured value is for the total noise of the build.

Idle: < 30 dB/A
Gaming load: ~ 35 dB/A

So very good numbers all around.




Considering the price, you get a lot of just “what you need” philosophy and it does it very well – this is a very good case for a basic quick build office or even gaming as see from our test build.

The good

– Good build quality and good airflow
– Black all around even inside
– Very good GPU support
– Nice to see an included 120 mm fan
– Minimalistic and elegant design with nice assorted color scheme (black and white)
– Very good price

The bad

– No cutout in the motherboard tray for ease for aftermarket cooling
– Clearance issue when installing our motherboard – was hitting the 5.25″ bays area
– Limited WM capabilities


Globetrotters “Best Buy” Award 4 out of 5


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