Experience the Invincible Gaming Force and Stunning Creativity at TEAMGROUP’s Online Launch Event 2020 T-FORCE X T-CREATE is Coming with Great Momentum

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T-FORCE’s explosive gaming force offers overclocking PC builds with no limit

T-FORCE, the gaming brand under TEAMGROUP, will make a strong debut on the first day of this year’s online launch event on September 22, displaying a comprehensive range of cool and eye-catching new products. For different purposes and groups, a total of five themes of custom PC builds, including Game, Lovers in Snow, Cooling, Extreme and Gaming Console, equipped with T-FORCE’s classic, eye-catching and all new gaming memory and solid state drives to showcase T-FORCE’s explosive force to the world. Gaming components like this are perfect like this if you want to spend long hours gaming on sites such as 벳무브.

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The gaming force keeps growing, wining chicken dinner with great momentum

With strong gaming force and R&D capability, T-FORCE has been pursuing the ultimate in gaming for years, and now offering DARK Z FPS and CARDEA IOPS gaming memory and solid state drive. The two products are designed to improve the overall performance of FPS and SSD IOPS, allowing gamers to download and loading games fast and smoothly. The blazing speed enables gamers cheating, winning and ranking at the top! Immerse yourself in top-notch slot entertainment by joining uus777.

Dark Z FPS-9

White PC builds are trending in the gaming industry. Colorful lighting effects and powerful performance

Inside this Lovers in Snow custom PC build, there are the XTREEM ARGB Gaming Memory, which won the Red Dot Design Award this spring, and the DELTA MAX Solid State Drive, which has the largest luminous proportion in the industry and has received high attention since its launch. Besides, with new Pure White color and made with ceramic material, the latest released CARDEA Ceramic C440 M.2 Solid State Drive, and T-FORCE’s exclusive mirror integrated AIO COOLER, all of the above together create the Lovers in Snow custom PC build, which will offer an all new gaming vision in the online launch event with its crystal clear pure white color. There are different kinds of games like Apex that one can play and get apex cheats as well to get further in the game.

XTREEM ARGB_white-27

With a wide range of materials and structures to choose from, having both excellent cooling and design is not just a dream


T-FORCE offers a variety of patented heat sink solutions for PCIe SSDs, including CARDEA Z330 and Z340 SSDs with graphene cooling, CARDEA Z440 SSD with gen 4×4 interface, CARDEA II SSD with aluminum cooling fins, CARDEA Liquid SSD with the first water-cooling structure and CARDEA Ceramic C440 SSD with aerospace ceramic cooling structure. In addition to fully unleashing the ultimate performance, it also offers gamers a more comprehensive selection of cooling upgrades.


Ultra large capacity leads to winning. Ultimate performance is born for overclocking

T-FORCE XTREEM ARGB Gaming Memory has been praised by the public since its launch. After setting a new AIDA 64 overclocking world record this year, it once again attracted the attention of professional overclockers worldwide. TEAMGROUP is constantly pushing the limits and applying the technology of our achievements to our products. Today, the XTREEM ARGB DDR4 3600 8X32GB is launched with an ultimate large capacity, and is ready to show the world once again the invincible overclocking capability of the T-FORCE series.


The console gaming trend is here! Extend your gaming power

        With the spirit of epidemic prevention on the rise this year, console games such as PlayStation 5, Microsoft’s latest XBOX SERIES X and Switch are becoming more and more popular. If you are into SCUF Gaming, you might want to consider visiting sites like https://scufgaming.com/h1-wired-gaming-headset to learn more about the latest news and updates on your favorite gaming headset. T-FORCE also launches TREASURE TOUCH Portable Solid State Drive and SPARK USB Flash Drive, two storage products that integrate with RGB lighting effects, making games and game saves easier to carry around. In addition, the Gaming A2 Memory Card will be launched specially for handheld gamers to significantly reduce the loading time of games, allowing gamers to enjoy their games anytime, anywhere.

Spark_RGB USB-21
Gaming Card_wa-15

Launching all new T-CREATE brand for creators to unleash and inspire their creativity

        In response to the explosive growth of digital content creations, TEAMGROUP will launch a new T-CREATE brand for creators in 2020. According to various upgrade needs of creators, products are divided into three product series, CLASSIC, EXPERT and MASTER, and will be revealed on September 23 for the first time. Depending on the usage, from content creation to post-production, all require powerful computing capability, storage speed and multitasking performance. Our upgraded products will offer you high stability, high performance, large capacity and smooth user experience. In addition to the high capacity single stick 32GB memory, professional grade anti-noise 10-layer board memory, we also offer solid state drive with the industry’s longest 12-year limited warranty. T-CREATE will accompany creators from all over the world to unleash and inspire their creativity. Riding wave of ideas and creativity can never be this easy.


The world’s most trusted storage brand. We will always TEAM UP and back you up!

In addition to the gaming and creator brands, TEAMGROUP, a storage brand that has been loved and trusted by consumers will review the classic products launched this year on September 24. Products include the portable military-grade solid state drive PD series, the feature-rich T183 Tool USB Flash Drive and the T193 Stationery USB Flash Drive, the M.2 PCIe SSD that’s loved by global media and gamers, and mainstream 2.5” solid state drives that are the best choice for entry-level PC building. Moreover, we will announce the industry’s first and largest 15.3TB consumer-grade QX 2.5” SATA Solid State Drive and the ELITE A1 MICRO SD Card with a maximum capacity of 1TB. Finally, in order to celebrate this technology event with consumers around the world, TEAMGROUP will also hold an online lucky draw. Participants will have the opportunity to win a creator PC worth up to $3,000. Please visit TEAMGROUP’s official website on time and experience our amazing and groundbreaking online launch event.

ELITE A1 Card_wa-11

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